The Next Generation of Community Storytelling

The Next Generation of Community Storytelling

by Steven Oliveri

Looking to attract, grow and retain businesses and investment in your community? Ever-increasingly, marketing materials need to be tech-agile, innovative, and captivating to garner attention from site selectors, investors, developers, etc. Break into the future of marketing when you work with the site selection and economic development professionals at JuniperĀ to create a custom ArcGIS Story Map powered by Esri. Story Maps combine the storytelling basics of text and multimedia with the power of interactive, informative, and visually appealing maps. Just to show how engaging this platform is, Esri conducted a study which found that people on average spent more time on a Story Map than a typical web page .. 37 seconds on a web page versus nearly SIX MINUTES on a Story Map! Want to see how Juniper Solutions and ArcGIS Story Maps can help your community reach their attraction and retention goals? Click Here to view Juniper Solution’s guide to Story Maps: “The Next Generation of Community Storytelling”.

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